The Commercial Lawnmower-What’s the Difference When Compared to Residential Lawnmowers?

Lawnmowers are huge investments for any homeowner. They sort out problems of landscaping in a timely, efficient and safe manner. However, you will always find yourself at a crossroads when it comes to choosing between residential and commercial lawnmowers. The two types of machines work almost the same. What differs is the scope of their functionalities and architecture. Here are the differences between the two types of engine-powered garden equipment.

The Engine of Lawn Mowers

For consistent trimming, lawnmowers use engine-powered revolving blades. The blades can rotate either vertical axis (in rotary mowers) or horizontally (in reel or cylinder mower). In both cases, the internal combustion of the engine defines how efficient the blades cut the lawn down.

The size of the engine in a lawnmower is relative to the magnitude of the work at hand and the frequency at which it is used. It defines the internal combustion and the size of the machine itself.

Commercial lawn mowers are either riding mowers (lawn tractors) or zero-turn mowers. They are specifically designed for heavy tasks. As a result, they have bigger, complex and powerful engines. The horsepower rating for the two types of mowers range from 12.5 to 20.0

On the other hand, residential mowers come in the form of simple push-behind or walk-behind mowers. They are designed to trim yards smaller than 1/4 acre. They have a horsepower rating that ranges from 5.0 to 7.0.

Between the two extremes is a third type of machine—a stand-on mower or surfer. It is a hybrid version of the riding and walk-behind mowers. Though specifically used on residential lawns, surfers have high horsepower ratings of about 19 to 23. Otherwise, some types of mowers are powered using batteries. Their engines’ internal combustion is measured in Volts.

Why Quality Matters

The first thing that most people look out for when choosing a lawnmower is its quality. By this we mean, the type of material used for its structuring and design. It is the quality of the parts that determine its efficiency, durability and, of course, its price.

Machine types such as commercial zero turn lawn mowers in New Zealand are made with hefty materials for the heavy-duty task. This is the reason why they can be used for a long time and regularly without any hitch in their functionality.

Domestic residential machines are designed with a stamp-sized yard in mind. They have simpler structuring and basic design. Averagely, domestic yard mowing at home is carried in 2-3 weeks. Therefore, the machines tend to remain idle in the store without much use. Residential lawn mowing machines wear and tear off faster than the commercial lawnmowers. Their size does not allow for incorporation of complex and hefty parts during their design or structuring.

Price of the machine

Just like any other type of item or equipment out there, lawnmowers are made by different companies and with different materials. There is a wide range of brands to look out for. Moreover, their structuring costs vary from one company to another, so are their price tags. Therefore, price is an obvious factor to consider when enumerating the differences between commercial lawnmowers and residential ones.

Commercial mowers such as zero-turn, sports turfs, trim mowers and landscaping mowers are made with hefty, durable and high-quality materials. These materials are costly to acquire. This is the reason why these machines have some of the heftiest pricing tags out there.

Additionally, the large deck size and high engine powers impact more on the price. Depending on the model and brand of the mower, these machines can cost as high as $25,000. The least you can spend to acquire one is $2,500.

Details of Differences Between Tractor and Zero Turn Mowers

On the other hand, residential lawnmowers are less intuitive, less versatile and slow-paced. They have sizeable blades with small deck size. They are simply made for small yards with no complex work. However, this does not mean that they don’t pack any value. They are the perfect choice where reliability and cost-efficiency is a major cause for concern. Averagely, these machines range from $75 to $500 depending on the model and brand.

Lawnmowers come with the additional maintenance cost. These costs are not relative to the initial cost of purchase. Rather, it relates to how often you use the machine. An ideal mower can run for a period of about 3 to 7 years. During this period, you will learn that there are specific mowing ethics and preventive maintenance that you need to integrate into your normal mowing life. Depending on the level of damage, the maintenance costs can range from tens to hundreds of dollars for both the commercial and residential machines.

Additional Features of Premium Lawnmowers

Lawns differ a lot. Sometimes you will need to mow in a terrain. Sometimes it is a flat surface with normal-sized grass. The surface can also be stony with tree stumps all over. To keep the machine in good shape, lawnmowers are designed with additional features.

One of the most popular features is the handle lever. It is what keeps most of the residential-purpose mowers running. All you need is to press the handle down so that the machine can achieve an ideal angle for efficient mowing. This feature is missing in advanced mowers.

The next is the reverse awareness system, a prominent feature in most riding mowers. Mowers with reverse awareness system usually alert their user through a beeping sound whenever the “automobile” moves to the opposite direction in a reversed manner. It lacks in most residential lawnmowers.


Whereas commercial lawnmowers can be used for residential purposes, you cannot commercialize your residential mower. They are just too simple for advanced tasks that demand hours of non-stop clearance.

Using a commercial lawn mower for residential mowing comes with several benefits. They deliver cutting-edge trims in a more timely and healthy manner. They are ideal for hilly, large yards and grasses that demand regular trimming. Otherwise, they come with high quality and durable parts that do not demand regular maintenance. If maintenance costs are taking a toll on you, then it is time you consider purchasing one for your next residential mowing task.